I'm Carol. Here to serve you top-notch design solutions for your growing brand. 
A long time ago, grounded in my bedroom for some reason that I probably didn't deserve, a 5 year old me discovered a love for the arts. All it took was a nail, a box of Crayolas and a natural ability to tastefully carve an expressive stick figure into an antique dresser. Fast forward past one very angry mother and several more hours of time out and you will find me today, as a very successful designer building a career out of my creativity. I also have a lot more respect for vintage furniture.
Starting off with a degree in graphic design, it was a natural progression to venture into the world of motion through adding the element of time to my designs. My ultimate focus in my work is The Story. Whether it be through a banner ad, social media graphic, product demo or explainer video, if my story is not clear then my work has been done in vain. It is important to stay true to the message while visually upholding the identity of the brand without ever losing sight of what each specific audience needs to feel a wave of delight.
With over 10 years of experience, I have gained a flexibility to adapt to any project's needs. My work spans across business-to-consumer, business-to-business, agency, in-house, and production house. I can illustrate a storyboard, mockup a site map, design print and digital ads, animate a logo, Photoshop away frizzy hair, run a video camera, direct a photoshoot, compress a file all while coming up with endless puns to keep the mood light. I love the challenge each new project brings and will stop at nothing to create a successful end product that tells The Story exactly how it is meant to be told.

Thanks! I can't wait to read your message!
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